What we do

to advance innovation and TRUST

Definition of
Economy of Trust

The Economy of Trust is an innovative economic model upholding individuals’ expectations of digital and physical trust, by ensuring that every transaction and interaction is secure, traceable and most importantly trusted.

What we do

The Economy of Trust Foundation partners with governments, corporates, innovators, academics, think tanks, and scientific editors to advance innovation and trust. We have two roles:

Fostering Synergies

To build a global community of thought leaders and stakeholders who support resilient and sustainable economies and contribute to the advancement of the Economy of Trust.

Building Connections

To build an innovation platform on the unlimitrust campus, by connecting companies and start-ups in the field of physical or digital trust technologies, and collaborate with like-minded institutions to develop programmes and tools to accelerate innovation.

Our activities

The Economy of Trust Foundation focuses on strategic themes and foundational technologies in the field of Trust Tech. Our activities reflect the open and transformative nature of our mission, based on the pillars of:


Secure Administration

Trust digitalisation

Traceable Processes

Sustainable solutions

Efficient Development

Activities include active connection to thought leaders and entrepreneurs, community creation, working groups and innovation workshops, training programmes, project support, content creation, and virtual/physical events.